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Sigil: Best Multi-Platform eBook Editor Download for Windows

Installation Process

Sigil is a free open source software, especially for e-book writers. You can simply download the software and start writing.

Basic Features of Sigil

This is more popular among writers as simple writing software. So this is used more by new writers. Sigil comes with a simple writing interface with multiple tabs like code view and validation result. The specially built “TOC” editor, table of the content editor allows you to organize your work much better and format your work properly too.

Sigil also comes up as a GPL epub creator and converter which helps the writers to produce and create books with ease.

Special Features in Sigil

Sigil has a specially designed “WYSIWYG” option to see the result of the book view. This allows users to change and edit the content according to their wish to get the exact end product they intend to get. 

Sigil allows you to import and edit books in TXT, HTML, and .EPUB formats. This software also allows users to export content to .EPUB. The spell checker option built-in this software also allows users to keep their concentration more on the content and it provides them the luxury to write freely too. Formats supported

Latest Improvements

Sigil now allows custom plugin for users to survive plugin update situations.

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