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Cheapest Web Hosting

Maintaining a website is an essential fact to promote your business with modern practices. Therefore, each and every individual in the world is trying to create their own website with a hosting service. What actually meant by the web hosting is providing storage space for the data you published through your website. There are different ways to have this space granting facilities.

However, you will need to pay once you decided to grant it. The payment is depending upon the type of host. Finding an excellent host by spending a low cost is an important fact to obtain the actual profit of your site. Therefore, we thought of discussing the cheapest web hosting ideas for your reference. Be ready to follow the facts given below in order to gain a hundred present profit without any failures. We will direct you beyond the companies which are providing these facilities.

1. Cheapest Shared Web Hosting

This is an ideal method of people who are searching for economical ways to find out their hosting. There are packages inside this method as well. The beneficence you can reach is differed from package to package. In here you are going to share one space with multiple users. Hence, the facilities may be limited inside one package. Therefore, if you really need to enjoy extra features the best way is to upgrade your package. Let’s discuss HDD, SSD and cloud hosting in relation to this method in the next few lines.

Shared Web Hosting HDD

HDD refers to a hard disk drive, hence the users are sharing the storage of these spaces. But, it is less in speed as common to all other traditional methods.

Shared Web Hosting SSD

The abbreviation has built from the phrase solid state drive. The microchips are used to store data in this method. Hence it has higher performances than traditional methods such as HDD. The speed of reaching data one place another place is also higher in this method. However, if you think to get host through this method you will need to pay a little than above-mentioned method. The other disadvantage is the limited storage capacity in it. Therefore, you pay for the service, you have to properly analyze the requirements to select the best service out of here mentioned two. But, there is another method as well. It is the use of cloud storage.

Cloud Shared Web Hosting

This is the most recent method of shared hosting. It has more capacity to work with a group of users. Hence, it will provide a considerably higher space for a single user. The cloud hosting has higher performances, speed and storage space when compared to the other two types. But, it is a very expensive method.

Recommend Cheapest Shared Web Hosting

  1. Contabo Cheapest Shared Hosting
  2. InMotion Shared Web Hosting
  3. Site Ground Shared Hosting
  4. NameCheap Shared Hosting
  5. Mocha Host Web Hosting

2. Reseller Cheapest Web Hosting

This means a profitable service for the owner of the reseller site. It means the person who has a space to host will sell it for other users by targeting to have a profit through it. Let’s discuss further facts on it by using the below categories.

Reseller Web Hosting HDD

As same as the above description on shared hosting, the performances and speed of HDD are less compared to the storage of it. 

Reseller Web Hosting SSD

This hosting method is more reliable when compared to other available methods. It may be due to the influence of modern technological knowledge.

Reseller Shared Web Hosting

When the user re-selling his own space with a number of users, it eventually becomes a shared platform of the host.

Recommend Reseller Cheapest Web Hosting

  1. InMotion Reseller Web Hosting
  2. Site Ground Reseller Hosting

3. Cheapest Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

If we use a virtual machine to connect with servers as the web hosting service it is known as this. Actually, it is remote controllable but not visible in physically. The name Virtual dedicated server is also used to introduce this same method.

Virtual Private Server (VPS HDD)

The HDD works the same way as usual with the VPS method as well. It provides a high storage capacity vps for a low price. However, the performances are less. You cannot expect fast service.

Virtual Private Server (VPS SSD)

If I say this is the opposition of the HDD method it is correct. The price is higher when compared to the above-mentioned one. However, you can enjoy super speed with it.

Virtual Private Server (Cloud Cheap VPS)

It is supported for Linux and kernel-based devices. The especial character in here is the ability to pay the cost only for the data you used. It offers faster service which can reach any data within a few seconds. An ideal solution for all the internet lovers in this era.

Virtual Private Server (VPS Self Manage)

When you become your own boss in selecting a virtual server as your needs, it is called self-managed one. In here you can customized plans as you need. Hence, it will be easy to control your data usage.

Virtual Private Server (Cheap Managed VPS Hosting)

In another hand, the VPS itself can select the packages for you. It is called in this way. Here they will suggest some packages within their own capabilities. We have to select the best package to fulfil our requirement.

Recommend Cheapest VPS Hosting Managed and Self Manage

  1. Contabo Cheap VPS Managed and Self Manage
  2. InMotion VPS Managed and Self Manage
  3. Digital Ocean Self Manage Cheapest Cloud VPS
  4. Mocha Host – The Fastest VPS

4. Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated server is another computer-based web host which acts as a server for a number of computers. Most probably these computers are available for rented service. However, in sometimes the software and internet connections also act like dedicated servers.

Managed Dedicated Web Server

When hosting companies are taking the responsibility of the service providing process, it is known as this way.

Self Manage Dedicated Server

This mean, you have to bear the responsibility of your server. You are the controller of your own service. The users will completely lease the service.

Dedicated Server HDD

The dedicated server means they already using hard drives or computers to provide their service. But, they can also use an external drive to expand their capacities. When they used it’s in that way, it is called like this. The same pros and cons which are mentioned in the above lines are valid for here as well.

Dedicated Server SSD

No doubt! These solid-state drives will offer higher performances as usual with other methods.

Recommend Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

  1. Contabo Cheap Dedicated Server
  2. InMotion Dedicated Server Hosting with FREE SSDs
  3. Site Ground Dedicated Server SSD
  4. NameCheap Reliable Dedicated Servers

5. Cheapest WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a leading platform which provides facilities to create your own blog to transform it into a website after registering with a web hosting service. This is the most popular method in this era.

WordPress Hosting HDD

Even though this is not that much fitted into this purpose and modern era, WordPress offers this traditional method for people who expect a huge storage capacity.

WordPress Hosting SSD

Ideal for those who willing to have an intermediate level WordPress experience. Even though the storage capacity is less when compared to HDD, it will allow you to use the service efficiently.

WordPress Hosting (Cloud)

Cloud storage or hosting is a significantly important service in this era. It will offer more benefits than the other two methods discussed before.

Recommend Cheapest WordPress Hosting

  1. InMotion WordPress Hosting
  2. Site Ground WordPress Hosting
  3. Digital Ocean Self Manage Cheap WordPress Hosting
  4. NameCheap WP Hosting

6. How Much Does an SSL Certificate Cost

SSL Certificate $7.88

Get the best SSL Certificate from NameCheap, Because they have good online customer service and very cheapest prices.

7. Cheap domain

When you operating your own website or blog, you will notice that the domain name has a significant influence on its improvements. Actually, it acts as a gateway to enter into the online platforms. There are a number of domain name providers in web-based companies. However, most of its is expensive in price. Actually, it cannot bear for the beginner level website owner. However, there is nothing to worry, there are a few of the providers who are giving you the best selling names for a low cost. Today, I will inform more details on several similar platforms to enjoy your web experience in its maximum.


If you need an advanced domain name provider with a number of other benefits such as secure platform, hundred present earnings for you and the privacy packages, the Namesilio is the ideal domain name provider. Now, it will offer all these facilities only for $6.99 dollars with a huge discount. Further, this is an annual payment. It is amazing to have this type of great offers to promote your small business. You can claim this offer by visiting the Namesilio official website.


This is an excellent platform for the people who are going to start their first website experience. Actually, it has a package around $0.99 for the first year of your registration. This is a comparatively low price. However, when you renewing the package, you will need to pay around $14.99 for the second year and so on.


If you need a package with hosting, domain name and the email for monthly payment, this is an ideal place. It will charge only $3 for a month.


As the name sounds, it is running with the lowest budget. It is enough to pay $10.69 to enjoy the features throughout the year.

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